Heads Up #4 - You down with EVP?

January 30, 2017

This is episode #4 of Heads Up!, a weekly podcast summarizing research, writing and retweets that I think communicators should pay attention to. And if you’re already subscribed to ICology, you don’t need to change a thing.

Here are the stories discussed this week:

  • An 'Employee Value Proposition' Mindset Just Might Fix Employee Engagement
  • An Internal Communication Time Machine 
  • 5 habits to break in 2017 
  • 3 management styles that kill the employee experience 
  • Altimeter’s Top 13 Digital Trends for 2017 
  • How to use data to make killer content decisions 

And two events:

  • Digital Workplace Summit, March 28-29, Las Vegas
  • PRSA Connect, June 2017, Denver

But I don’t want this to just be what comes across my screen. If you see things you think I should talk about here, share them with me. Could be a new infographic. Or a great case study. Perhaps a webinar. Send a Tweet to @learnicology or an email with the link to headsup@learnicology.com.

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